Session Packages

Family sessions:

1 hour, 40 edited photos, $300/with photobook: $400
family sessions are an opportunity to play together.  In just one hour there is so much energy and spirit that is representative of your family. my goal is to make photographs that commemorate each of your unique spirits and also the essence of your family moving together as a whole.  Expect a lot of fun activities and the occasional funny prompt from me.

Pro headshots / creative portraits:
1 hour, 25 edited photos, $250
My goal with personal portraits of any kind is to give you what you need while also highlighting your individuality.  I love to get creative, so if you're a baker and want a cake on your head, or if you're a vet and want to lay in a nest of animals, I am all about it. 

I make documentary style commercial photographs for businesses and non-profit organizations. Prices range based on length of time.

Maker Energy:
1 hour, 30 edited photos, $250

These are special sessions about photographing people doing what they love.  I wish I had photos of my grandfather tinkering on old clocks, my father splitting wood, my grandmother crafting.  It's our magic when we are  in our own element doing things we love.  You can buy this as a gift for a loved one or for yourself to remind yourself of your special juju. 
Our Animals
Photographs heal us.  And animals do not live as long.  There is no kind of love like that of our animals, there is also no kind of grief as when they leave.  To me these are some of the most important pictures we have.