I-want-to-Freeze-time sessions 

As a mother, I feel this every. single. day.  It's the pain of knowing none of this will last forever, including us.  Trust me when I say that what you will want to remember is the honest emotional and messy energy of your everyday moments, the toys everywhere, fingerprints on windows, chocolate smeared floors (is that just my house;-) In hindsight, the living chaos will be the most beautiful magic and a medicine for grief.   I will come to your house as quiet as a ghost and document you all just being as you are today.   

Motherhood Sessions

You deserve to be seen.  And don't I know it, firsthand.  The mother is always unseen, yet she is the keeper, the creator, the healer, the mentor, and always the picture taker!.  Let me capture for you the beauty and brilliance of the most mundane ways you care for your family every single day, these sacrificially loving gestures deserve to be honored.  These will be the photographs your children will have at their bedside as elderly people themselves, and the images of their mother will bring them great peace. 

In your element

I want to photograph you doing you. These photos are reminders of our own personal selves and what we simultaneously offer and enjoy in the world.  I wish now I had photos of my grandfather tinkering on old clocks, my father splitting wood, my grandmother crafting.  It's our magic when we are in the zone doing the things that tickle us and having a photograph of that reminds you of that own magic you hold and it holds you to it.  Magic that easily gets lost if we don't honor it.  

Mother Nature Sessions

Your family hiking, swimming, apple picking, cleaning chicken poo - anything y'all like to do under the sun, or under the clouds for that matter.  


Photographs heal us.  And animals do not live as long.  There is no kind of love than that of an animal, there is also no kind of grief as pure as the pain of loss when they leave.  Let me capture their essence and their joy in a healing photo for you to remember forever.

(Animals sessions are $150 for 20 minutes and 7 lovingly edited photos)


Portraits / head shots: 

I just love people.  We are each so dang magical.  I will make you a portrait of you however you want, wrapping up all that magic you have and pouring it into your picture to remind you of how amazing you are.

All people sessions are $300 for an hour and with a gallery of at least 40 edited photos.  Animal sessions are $150 for 30 minutes and at least 7 edited photos.