Believe in yourself.

Again and Again and Again. 

Medicinal stories from women who do to help move you.

Laura Donohue-Bell, mother of two,

on starting her Florist shop, Mountain Laurel,  mid pandemic:

I asked her what has been the hardest part of doing this:

Mine is Capital & stress about $tress of OMG this is now all on me!!!  That’s the hardest .. the creative part is cake . Your passion is you, it’s what you have to give to the world, in it’s truest, purist form .... if you have the capital.. then no worries ... go for it .

What advice would you give to someone who has a dream but is scared?

Oh it can be terrifying.  But if you know you have the experience and the talent, you can make it work.  It’s gonna take time, but Rome wasn’t built in a day! So do it!  If you can’t do it full time ... start a little at a time and when the time is right you’ll know it! That’s the beauty, it’s all in your time.