The pictures I want most from my childhood are of my people doing the things they loved; my grandfather tinkering, my father riding a snowmobile, my mom designing and planning, my brother driving like mad on my grandmother's lawn mower through the fields, and me thoughtfully playing in the woods.  

Those are the photos I cherish the most now, the ones that show us in our element with our spirits playing, doing the peculiar and beautiful things our unique souls cry out to do.  My most favorite photos of my daughter are those of her lost in painting and I have them from every year of her life.  Those photos capture an energy that is truly ethereal.

This is my most favorite type of family photo session because it's a way to truly memorialize a legacy - it means the most in the long run.  What more is our legacy if not to play at what we like to play, at just because?

These photo sessions are $200