My daughter and I read a lot of books about fairy life.  And what you might not know about fairies is that each one is born with a specific talent.  There are baking fairies, water fairies, music fairies, gardening fairies, tinkering fairies, art fairies, storytelling fairies, the list is endless.  Each fairy's talent is what they love to do most, what comes natural to them and also the service they provide for their community.

I am a natural born sentimental noticer.  Since I can remember I have wanted to freeze time.  The mere fact that everything will change stuns me continually and photography is my way of trying to capture that fleeting loving essence that is so alive all the time.  I don't want it to go anywhere, so I trap it in my camera.


A shy, sensitive kid who watched people a lot.  I wrote stories to try and explain the emotions I saw in the world around me.  As I got older, I realized that not everyone sees all those things, and certainly not everyone is as curious about the why.  In 5th grade, I learned that there was a type of work where you could talk to people, learn about their lives and take their pictures.  I remember clear as day, declaring down an empty six story stairwell at my elementary school that I was going to be a National Geographic Photographer when I grew up.  

But life had to go a few different ways.  And after some bouncing around and a little bit of flying airplanes, I ended up with a BA in literature, philosophy and education and an unfinished MFA in creative writing.  I taught high school English in Massachusetts, taught yoga as well, and then I packed it all in and moved to a very old family farm in an area of New York once inhabited by the Lenape tribe called Wawayanda, otherwise known as Middletown.  At that farm, with my ancestors buried on a hill behind the house, I gave birth to the best little teacher of all.  And after my daughter Eve was born, I decided it was high time to give my own talent a whirl. So, as it turns out, the shy 5th grader in me was right all along, I'm a photojournalist fairy.

Images have the power to bridge communication breakdowns, bring awareness and understanding where there was once harsh judgment, incite compassion and trigger memory and meaning all in one fell swoop.  And these things churn us inside as people to the point of change sometimes.  It is a huge responsibility and an honor to freeze time and share it with the world in this way.  

I am interested in sharing the truth of what I see in people, the magical potential and the subtle soft love that seems to underlie so much of what we take for granted in everyday life.  We forget who we are, and photographs remind us.  And it is in that recollection of ourselves that we are better able to step into the fullness of who we are, who we are meant to be and embrace all of the love that so easily goes unnoticed because of the natural chaos of everything.

I see my camera as a tool I use to reflect back to the world all its magic and beauty.  Photography is a service, I offer you my way of noticing so that it might put a smile on your face, a feeling in your heart and remembrance that you are made of infinite possibility.


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