Short Bio:

Born and raised in Massachusetts, moved to New York in 2013 and now call the

Hudson Valley home.  Graduated University of Massachusetts in Literature,

Education and Philosophy, and have an unfinished masters in creative writing. I taught high

school english and yoga for years before becoming a mother in 2014 to the best

little teacher of all.  

I've had several "work" in carnations in this life but they all speak to

my obsession with human stories.  Whether it is photography, writing or teaching,

I am inlove with people and our ability to grow despite, or maybe because of, challenging


Longer Bio:

One of my secret dream jobs is trapeze artist/photojournalist.  I imagine having ridden in a wooden trailer that shimmied and creaked while traveling from town to town, stacks of books falling everywhere and a strong sense of belonging to my nomad family.   By night, I'd don sparkly outfits and spin from rope to rope, and by day I'd walk around with my camera and notebook learning about the lives and inclinations, sorrows and fears of those who chose to use their quirks as a service to the world. 


Alas, I did not go that route, but sharing this true blue carnie truth tells you a lot about me, and I'm happy to share it.


Someone once told me, "you're like a horse - strong, but spook easy - you need blinders."  Truer words were never spoken.  I have a lot of energy and notice too much stuff too much of the time, and this has not always been easy.

But as a photographer and a writer, these traits are gold. All the magic and love I see underneath surface level goes right into my camera to make you a picture so you can see it in time memorial forever. 

Everyone's life is so different.  Everyone's soul, so unique.  What are your particular peculiarities?  What makes you tick?  What is your family's traveling carnival like? My aim is to honor our beautiful individualities with my pictures.  

I feel a close connection to people who have come from hard circumstances and have used those struggles as a rope up.  People who can't conform, who live on the outskirts.  I have a big heart and eye for that quality in all of us that teeters back and forth between shame and acceptance around who we are.  And I have an even bigger heart for the under dog inside each one of us screaming to be set free.  I want my work to help empower all of us to embrace our quirky profundities despite culture, expectations and circumstance, or maybe, even, because of them.  

Mostly, I want my work to remind you of who you are - a magical being filled with endless possibility.

Lots of love,


"Listen to the MUSTN'TS child,

listen to the DON'TS,

listen to the SHOULDN'TS, the IMPOSSIBLES, the WON'TS,

listen to the NEVER-HAVES,

then listen close to me -

ANYTHING can happen child,

anything can be.

-shel silverstein

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