Hi!  My name is Valerie, I am a mom, a photographer, a writer, a devout coffee drinker / chocolate eater, an animal lover and someone who will always try to find good stuff in the trash.  I care a lot about the sparks in each one of us.

We forget who we are, and photographs hold the power to remind us.  And it is in seeing ourselves in a simple picture that we are better able to step into the fullness of all that love and spark that so easily goes unnoticed because of the natural chaos of everything.

Documenting this carnival is my most favorite thing. Noticing, holding space, being very careful with all of that energy I see.  It's a huge honor to make pictures and share stories.  Working with color, composition, story and light.  Making Art out of everyday life. 

Our creative inclinations are medicines from beyond the great.

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