Honestly, the only thing that makes any of this time passing okay is pictures.  

Our minds can't be counted on to remember and notice in the moment how much love there actually is, and was, all over the place.  Even in our messy stress.  

And truth is messy and hard but it is filled with love. 

But it's too much to always see that with our brains churning as they do.

Pictures pull me up.

Remind me of what my brain, hardwired to protect, forgets.  That I was there, that it was beautiful, that I lived it, and now I can move on.

Pictures remember me, remind me of who I am, and in that there is power.

All it takes is one single true photo of you to bring you back home, pull you out of the fray, and help you step back into your power.

Photographs pull us out of our small minds and shows us truths around the world and even in our own lives that we don't readily see.

In my own experience of parenthood, I am often so embedded in the day to day that I forget what beautiful miracles regularly happen around me.  I recently found myself in a pile of tears on the couch, late at night, in pain realizing that my baby girl was no longer a baby, and did I hold her enough? And the only thing that consoled me, that relieved that pain, was going back and seeing the photos of her and I together.  Playing, laughing, crying, the messiness of the home, it all was a relief.


Those pictures are like a balm to the human condition.

I believe wholeheartedly in the power of photographs to remind people who they are, to bridge divides, to show proof that we lived, to document what's happening so we can keep moving forward. Instead of repeating the past or worrying that it didn't exist.

As a photographer and a writer, I lean into curiosity and empathy.  My goal is always to honor your unique individuality and your emotional connections with your world


I specialize in documentary work for families, animals and non profits.


I am currently working on a photojournalism project about women tinkerering - women doing what they love as a form of medicine.  

If you feel connected to my work in anyway, please reach out for any reason at all.  I am a social bug and I love all of us and I really want to help.



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