Do what makes your heart sing.  Boredom is a gift.  Create something before you consume something.  Play.  Rest. Take care.  Love your work.  Run to feel your heart beat.  Try.  With intention.  Don't ever stop learning and watching and listening.  Eat chocolate.  Embrace your own lines.

These are my things.  I don't always do them well, but they are my values.  I also deeply value how quickly the carnival goes by.  

Ordinary everyday stuff is so full of life force; the way you feed your dog, smooch your child's head before they leave for school, wash an apple, the way you tenderly smooth a crease on your face; the stress, the mess, the light, the shadow, it's the most magical carnival on earth.

My job is to commemorate that carnival in each of us.

because it doesn't last long and it's overwhelmlingly beautiful. 

As a photographer, I want to highlight your unique juju.  

As a family photographer, I want to time capsule the energy of you and your loved ones playing together, your unique spirit knots swirling around eachother, so that your great grandchildren can look at a photo and know what your aliveness was like.  

As a documentary photographer, I want to responsibly capture truth and honesty while honoring unique individuality within the complex stories of our world's moments.

Images have the power to bridge communication breakdowns, bring awareness and understanding where there was once harsh judgment, incite compassion and trigger memory and meaning all in one fell swoop.  And these things churn us inside to the point of change sometimes.  ​

We forget who we are, and photographs remind us.  And it is in seeing ourselves in them that we are better able to step into the fullness of who we are, who we are meant to be, and soak up all of the love that so easily goes unnoticed because of the natural chaos of everything.

Photography is a service, I offer you my way of noticing so that it might put a smile on your face, a feeling in your heart and a knowing that you are made of infinite possibility.

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